P&C Meetings and Membership

Becoming an Everton Park SS P&C Member is easy, you just need to complete the membership form and bring it with you to your first meeting.  With your membership you have the right to vote on decisions that are shaping the future of the school.

The P&C meetings are a great place to meet other parents, hear additional information regarding what is happening at the school, share information and get to know the schools leadership team.  Meetings are held the 3rd Monday each month – 7pm in the library.

Even non members are welcome to attend meetings and raise any issues, hear about the school and local community plans and activities. Although you would not be entitled to vote.

We have regular guests to our P&C Meetings, such as the Local Councillors and the State MP for Everton regularly attend along with school staff members, the School Principal and Deputy Principal(s).

For a copy of the membership form CLICK HERE you can either bring it with you to your first meeting, drop it in to the P&C box in the school office or email it to MINUTES SECRETARY